Raccoon Removal Service

Raccoon Removal Service ClearwaterMany would say that raccoons are cute, adorable, and generally harmless. However, if you have ever dealt with one right in your property, then you know for sure how inconvenient it gets having these critters around. They mess up your trash, stress out your pets, carry viruses and bacteria with them, steal your food, and so on. So if you ever see one of these critters in your property again, call for professional raccoon removal service.

Raccoons are nocturnal wild animals meaning they would normally go around and look for food at night. However, especially for mother raccoons who need to feed their young, they might not have enough time to search for food at night time so some of us can still see them during the day. Some of them could be even more daring than the others and actually enter homes to seek shelter in garages or attics.

There are also some raccoons that would prefer to stay outdoors. We’ve had many owners call us about raccoon droppings and waste left behind in gardens or swimming pool areas in the morning after these critters played around all night. They wouldn’t show themselves in broad daylight but they’re definitely making sure they leave signs of their presence at night. By letting them be, other wild animals may even feel welcome to come to your property, which could become a bigger problem for you.

It’s true that raccoons are generally harmless because we rarely hear about them attacking humans on purpose. However, when you attempt to capture them or when they feel like you are threatening them, they will undoubtedly attack. We’ve seen this happen especially when adult raccoons are protecting their young.

So if you need to capture and get rid of raccoons frequenting your property, it is best to work with licensed professionals in raccoon removal service. Animal Wildlife Trappers is here to help. We offer our services in Brandon, Tampa, Clearwater, and surrounding communities. Call (813) 734-7080 to schedule an appointment.

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