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Ocala, FL

Ocala Animal RemovalAnimal Wildlife Trappers offers Ocala animal removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are dealing with a mouse problem or a persistent raccoon that keeps on messing up your garbage cans every night, we are here to help. Schedule your free animal intrusion inspection with us or get a free wildlife removal quote today!

Ocala is located off of Highway 73 in Florida about halfway between Orlando and Gainesville. Because of its abundant nature, lakes, and good weather, many people choose to live here year-round or use the area as a retreat during the winter months. Unfortunately, people are not the only ones that like to call Ocala home. Many critters also live in the area and some of these nuisance animals will sometimes try to take up residence in or around your home. This is not a desirable situation because many forms of wildlife are known to spread disease and can be very destructive too. Fortunately, these situations can be controlled if you call the right company. In Ocala, Animal Wildlife Trappers is the company to call!

What does it take to remove animals in Ocala? It takes someone with a team of highly trained animal removal experts to get the job done. Only a company like ours that has the right equipment and know-how can get Ocala animal removal done quickly and humanely. If you have seen signs of wildlife encroaching upon your home, then call us and we will come to do a free inspection at your home to determine the best way to remove your unwanted critters. 

Ocala Rat Removal Services

Ocala Rat RemovalOne type of critter that can be a real nuisance in and around Ocala homes are rats. Storing garbage properly and taking other measures can help limit rat infestations around your property but they are not foolproof either. Some rats will still occasionally find their way into your home, storage spaces or your place of business. When this happens to you in Ocala, you need to call us so we can remove these unwanted critters as quickly as possible before they can do major damage and spread harmful bacteria. We are also a company for rat removal in Ocala that no longer believes in using poison to control rats. That’s why we have developed more humane ways to capture and remove rats from properties like yours.

Mice Removal in Ocala, FL

These smaller relatives of rats can be just as destructive and spread as many diseases as their much larger cousins. They can actually be more difficult to remove because of their small size and speed. Only our advanced Ocala mice removal methods can humanely catch and remove mice quickly. It’s important to call us right away if you see such signs of mouse infestation like droppings, gnaw marks on wires, and holes in insulation and woodwork. If you don’t call us for help at the first sign of having a mouse problem, these tiny critters can rapidly multiply and become a much bigger nuisance. 

Ocala Animal and Wildlife Removal Services

There is a reason we are one of the most sought-after animal removal companies in Ocala and the surrounding areas. It’s because we use time-tested critter removal methods that have proven to be humane and very effective. We are simply the best in Ocala when it comes to removing squirrels, bats, snakes, raccoons, opossums, and other forms of unwanted wildlife from your property. 

So, the next time you are looking for professional animal removal services in the Ocala area, make sure you get in touch with us at 352-267-0546 to come to help you out with your animal removal tasks. Call Animal Wildlife Trappers for a free Ocala animal removal consultation and quote.