Rat Removal

Rat Removal ServiceAre you hearing tiny footsteps from the attic in the middle of the night? Have you seen chewed up wrappers or boxes of food in the pantry? If so, these signs could be the beginning of a rat infestation in your home. Animal Wildlife Trappers are the local experts in Tampa for rat removal. We also provide permanent solutions to keep these furry critters out for good!

Rats are difficult critters to deal with. Catching them can be very challenging. While they’re mostly heard and seen at night, they can roam around any time of the day and cause a few scares in the household. Even worse, they carry diseases and may spread viruses all over your home. In many cases, rats are to blame for some expensive damages like chewed pipes and vents, broken wires and cables, and more.

When you suspect a rat problem, seek the assistance from experts like Animal Wildlife Trappers for rat removal services in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas. Our team will come to your property, find out where the rats are and how they managed to enter your home. We look for ways to effectively capture them and prevent them from coming back.

Rat Infestations

Rat Removal Tampa FLA female rat can give birth to up to 8 baby rats up to 6 times in a year. If you don’t find that one mother rat and its mate on your property, it can bring more than 50 babies in just a year. There should be some females in those babies and in less than 3 months, those female rats can give birth to another set of babies!

There are millions and even billions of rats in every continent except Antarctica. Rats like it where it’s warm so colder regions have less of them. It’s impossible to keep count because rats are generally nocturnal, they hibernate and tend to hide from humans. It is believed that China alone is home to over 2 billion rats. Bobby Corrigan, an American rodentologist, has said that Philadelphia, New York, and Boston have the greatest number of rats in the United States. But, they still love Tampa and the surrounding areas!

And if they take a liking to your home or commercial building, they can establish a foothold that quickly becomes very invasive, and disgusting. The quicker you take action to remove this problem, the happier your family will be. Animal Wildlife Trappers has a full team of experts for rat removal and rat exclusion.

Expert Rat Removal Assistance

Rat Removal ServicesIt is challenging to remove rats entirely from any property. There are ready-made rat traps or you can make DIY traps too. However, are these ever really effective? Can you ever be sure that you did a thorough job of removing every single one of them? To have well-deserved peace of mind, call for expert rat removal assistance.

Humane Rat Removal

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we use humane methods in capturing and removing critters including rats from your property. We don’t use poison and other toxic chemicals that may cause harm to you, your family, and your pets. We set up tried and tested traps and look for possible entry and exit points. Our team of animal removal professionals will make sure that rats are effectively removed. We also provide recommendations for future rat prevention.

Don’t wait until your property is infested by rats. They may be small but they’re definitely dangerous creatures that can cause sickness and damage. For rat removal services, Animal Wildlife Trappers is here to help. Speak to an expert and get a free quote. Call 813-734-7080 in Tampa today for rat removal and rat exclusion!