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Animal Wildlife Trappers performs wildlife removal, animal removal, and animal exclusion.

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Clearwater, FL

Rat Removal ClearwaterIf you’ve been living in Florida for at least several years, you must know by now that seeing random animals wandering into private properties is very common. It is no longer considered unusual if you see a raccoon sorting through your garbage or some bats taking shelter in your attic. Call Animal Wildlife Trappers for your Clearwater animal removal requirements. We will help you out right away!

Animal Wildlife Trappers offers services to residential and commercial property owners. Our team is highly trained, experienced and well equipped to capture and effectively remove just about any animal you can find in Florida. For many years now, we have been providing our animal removal services to Clearwater residents and business owners and we’re proud to say that our clients are always satisfied with our work.

Rat Removal in Clearwater, FL

Among the most common reasons property owners call for us is to get help with rat removal. Just like in many places across the world, with only Antarctica as an exception, rats are quite abundant and they’re simply one of the most annoying and persistent house pests. Even if we try to keep our Clearwater property clean and organized, there’s always the possibility for rats to take shelter behind walls, in the attic, in garages, sheds, above the ceiling, and other areas in our home or office.

For rat removal in Clearwater, Florida, call Animal Wildlife Trappers for immediate assistance. The longer you wait to get the problem solved, more issues may come up. Rats can create a whole lot of damage to your property and may carry viruses and diseases with them too.

Mice Removal Service

Another most requested service we get called for in Clearwater is mice removal. Though they’re a lot like rats, mice can get very challenging to capture and eliminate completely because they move fast and they’re tiny. They can squeeze into small holes, beneath floorboards, and other concealed areas.

Like rats, mice removal Clearwater is an expert service provided by the Animal Wildlife Trappers team. We ensure that these small critters are removed and we can also give you recommendations and provide additional service to sanitize the area where these mice lived for a while. We can also help you with animal damage repairs.

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The best tip we can give for those looking for animal removal Clearwater service is to call for expert assistance right away. There are plenty of DIY methods around but it’s always best to seek help from experienced professionals like Animal Wildlife Trappers. We can give you the assurance that we’re offering humane and efficient animal removal while keeping our prices honest and fair.

Animal Wildlife Trappers offers Clearwater animal removal services. We are also available in Tampa, Brandon, and surrounding areas. To get a free quote and to schedule an appointment, please call 813-734-7080.