Bat Removal

Bat Removal TampaDo you hear chirping and faint fluttering of wings in the attic by sundown? If so, you might have a bat problem in your home. We receive numerous calls from Tampa property owners who need help in bat removal after these critters created their colony in a home or office building. They can easily creep a person out and create a whole lot of damage to your property. Before the problem gets worse, call Animal Wildlife Trappers for bat removal services.

Bats are generally harmless creatures. As much as possible, they would stay away from humans. However, they may seek shelter in attics, crawlspaces, garages, and sheds. You may not notice their presence in daylight because bats are nocturnal creatures. They stay silent and asleep during the day. They begin hunting for food after the sun sets. They probably won’t hurt you but bats bring a lot of other problems. If you believe there are bats in your home, call for assistance right away.

Bat Problems of Tampa Homeowners

Bat Removal Tampa FLThankfully, bats are not known to be aggressive. They don’t usually attack or get in contact with humans unless they feel threatened. Some bats may carry rabies, a deadly virus that can be transferred to humans through bites or scratches. In addition, bats carry over 60 human-infecting viruses. If you do not handle a bat on your own, you are safe. If you need to get rid of bats in your property, call for expert bat removal assistance.

Tampa property owners have called us about bat problems. Among these issues are:

  • A swarm of bats outside their property
  • A bat or an entire colony of bats trapped in the attic or chimney area
  • Damaged insulation and a foul odor due to bat guano (droppings), waste, and urine

All these problems can be resolved with bat removal service from experts. Just call Animal Wildlife Trappers and we’ll have our team help you out right away.

Expert Bat Removal Service in Tampa, Florida

Bat Removal BrandonAs mentioned, as long as you don’t handle bats on your own, you are safe. If you believe there are bats in your property, call Animal Wildlife Trappers right away. In some cases, we capture bats and remove them from your property. There are also times when we remove them through an exclusion process. This means that we try to lead the bats out of your property and back into the wild.

When bats are removed from your property through exclusion, we recommend sealing entry points to prevent them from coming back again. In addition, these bats may leave droppings, waste, and urine behind. Aside from the fact that their waste could smell really bad, their droppings and urine may also contain harmful viruses and germs. To solve this, we recommend attic sanitation.

We have a team of extensively trained staff who can help you with bat removal Tampa service. With over a decade of animal removal Tampa experience, we can give you the assurance that our workmanship is topnotch at all times. We are available in Tampa, Brandon, and nearby areas. For assistance and a free bat removal cost estimate, you may call Animal Wildlife Trappers at (813) 734-7080.