Humane Animal Relocation

Squirrel Removal BrandonFor many years now, Animal Wildlife Trappers has been the go-to animal removal company of countless Florida residents and property owners. We have a team of extensively trained crew who can help you with all your animal removal and animal damage repair needs. Along with our promise of exceptional workmanship and topnotch customer service is the commitment to provide humane animal removal services. This includes proper animal relocation.

Have you ever wondered where we bring those animals that we managed to capture from your home? There are times when we simply need to shoo away a critter so that they would leave your property. More often, we do our best to capture them so that we can take them far away from your property. We then bring them to a safe place to lessen the chance of them going back to your area.

Safe and Proper Animal Relocation in Tampa, FL

Animal Relocation TampaOf course, we don’t just release these animals to a public area where they can easily go to another house or office and wreak havoc there. When we believe that an animal needs special care such as young squirrels or raccoons, we take them to our office or to other qualified professionals so we can look after them before releasing them back to the wild. As an established animal removal company in Tampa, we are also given instructions by government bodies where these animals should be released.

Aside from ensuring that we have properly removed a critter or wild animals from your home, sealed possible entry points, and repairing animal damages, we also aim to bring these animals we captured to a place where they can be safe and live with their kind. After all, wild animals are born to survive the wild. When they are taken to a safe area, they will surely find a shelter of their own as well as food and water sources.

Professional Animal Removal Services in Tampa, FL

Tampa Animal Removal ContractorWe strive to provide the best animal removal Tampa services to our clients. We service both commercial and residential properties to ensure that your critter problems will be solved by professionals in a timely manner. Animal Wildlife Trappers is committed to find a safe and proper relocation site for the critters we capture to give you your well-deserved peace of mind.

Looking for a reliable animal removal contractor Tampa? We are the company to call! We offer rat removal Tampa, mice removal Tampa, raccoon removal Tampa, squirrel removal Tampa, and many more. Once again, we promise to capture and remove these animals the most humane way possible and find a better relocation area for them. Our animal removal services are also available in Brandon, Clearwater, and surrounding communities. Call 813-734-7080 to schedule a free inspection or get a free estimate today!