Raccoon Removal

Raccoon RemovalThe raccoon is native to Florida, which explains their constant presence in residential properties and even some commercial areas. It is quite common for Animal Wildlife Trappers to receive calls for raccoon removal services because these critters are just about everywhere. They’re very intelligent and would find ways to enter properties to search for food and shelter. We perform lots of raccoon removal in Tampa and the surrounding areas!

When you are faced with a raccoon problem on your property, whether you find these critters indoors or outdoors, seek assistance from professionals right away. We do not recommend you touching them or feeding them. It’s a risky move because raccoons are known to attack people and pets when they feel threatened. And we all know that raccoons carry diseases including rabies, so it’s never a good idea to choose raccoon removal as a DIY project.

Raccoon Information You Should Know

Brandon Raccoon RemovalRaccoons, like many other mammals, need food, water, and shelter to survive. Since they require a consistent source of water and food, many of them are found in urban areas. Raccoons feed on eggs, small animals, fruits, some plants, and garbage. They’re generally nocturnal creatures, which makes their presence more common by the time the sun sets. However, when raccoons fail to find food at night and remain hungry by sunrise, this pattern may change.

Most residents of Tampa and the state of Florida know exactly what a raccoon looks like. The average size of a raccoon may reach up to 38 inches long. Most Florida raccoons weigh anywhere from 8 to 15 pounds. Because of their size, they’re easier but riskier to capture.

Raccoon-Proofing Your Home

Raccoon Removal ServiceThese critters are most likely wandering into your property because they’re hungry and are looking for food. It’s true that there are records of raccoons harming humans, but in reality, they’d try to avoid you as much as they can. Raccoons eat a lot of things including your pet’s food and garbage. The key to preventing them from entering your property is by not giving them anything to feed on.

So how exactly how can you make your home less appealing to raccoons? Here are some tips:

  • Clean your surroundings. Don’t leave pet food on their containers especially overnight. Pick up trash that could be laying around your property. They won’t have reason to stay there if there’s no food available.
  • Seal trash bags and weigh down trash cans. If you should leave the garbage out, make sure that the trash bags are properly sealed. If possible, use double bags to prevent the scent of trash and food items from reaching a raccoon’s sense of smell. Weigh down trash cans with some rocks or bricks so they can’t open it up when you’re not looking.

For Tampa raccoon removal, consult an expert from Animal Wildlife Trappers to do a thorough inspection throughout your property. We will check possible entry points and seal them for you – permanently. While it’s not too common, some raccoons would actually head indoors and find their way into your kitchen or attic. We provide lasting solutions to ensure these critters stay out of your precious domicile permanently.

Dependable Raccoon Removal

For many years now, Animal Wildlife Trappers has been in the service of Tampa property owners for their animal trapping and removal needs. We are experts in raccoon removal and have done countless successful removals. We capture the raccoon and take them to a safe place far away from your home.

If you need help in removing raccoons, we are the company to call. Our team of animal removal professionals uses humane methods at all times. We keep our services and customer support topnotch while our prices remain fair and reasonable at all times. Call 813-734-7080 to get a free quote!