Armadillo Removal

Tampa Armadillo RemovalArmadillos are common in the Florida region and are considered some of the most damaging critters. Their burrowing and digging can easily destroy an otherwise beautifully landscaped garden or healthy vegetable plot. Because these armadillos are quite stubborn – most of them don’t get easily bothered by commercial repellents – you have to call for professional armadillo removal assistance in case you have this kind of problem in your property. Animal Wildlife Trappers is here to help!

In case you need to remove an armadillo from your property, the state of Florida requires getting the service of a licensed animal removal contractor. Though they are considered nuisance critters, humane capturing is still necessary. Some people try using mothballs, bleach, and even animal urine to prevent and get rid of armadillos and these methods usually turn out to be failures. Don’t wait until an armadillo infestation happens. Call Animal Wildlife Trappers for armadillo removal and we will solve this problem for you right away.

Are Armadillos Dangerous?

An armadillo is not known to attack humans or pets. However, it is not impossible for them to scare you off mainly because of their massive armored tank-like appearance. They can, however, pass on diseases to you that are far worse than a small bite or scratch. For instance, The New England Journal of Medicine published a study that found a unique strain of leprosy bacterium found in both human patients and armadillos in the United States. Think about this the next time you decide to play with an armadillo just because they seemed friendly enough.

Armadillo Removal TampaArmadillos are dangerous in other ways by causing significant damage to your property. A single armadillo can dig larger than the usual tunnels underneath the structure of your home. They can uproot and tear apart your garden. Your healthy veggies and pretty flowerbeds are no match against the burrowing expertise of these critters. Pipes that get in the way of the path where an armadillo is digging can get damaged. Concrete can also crack if there are burrow trails underneath it. These are seriously costly damages, which means an armadillo problem should be dealt with immediately. If there are signs of an armadillo in your property, reach out to Animal Wildlife Trappers for timely and dependable animal removal service.

Tampa’s Dependable Armadillo Removal Contractor

Tampa residents are no strangers to armadillo sightings. Though these critters are mostly nocturnal and come out at night, some of the damage they bring can be seen by the naked eye as soon as the sun rises in the morning. Dug up garden soil, uprooted plants and flowerbeds, upset pets, and more are only some signs that point to the presence of an armadillo in your property. Remove an armadillo safely and effectively with the help of Animal Wildlife Trappers.

Aside from Tampa armadillo removal, Animal Wildlife Trappers also offers other humane animal removal services, animal damage repair, dead animal removal, and more. We offer exceptional work at reasonable prices, which makes us the preferred animal removal contractor of Tampa, Brandon, and Clearwater residents! Of course, we are also available in surrounding communities. Just call us at 813-734-7080 to schedule an appointment and to get a free quote.