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Animal Wildlife Trappers performs wildlife removal, animal removal, and animal exclusion.

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Daytona Beach, FL

Daytona Beach Animal RemovalJust like other towns and cities across Florida, many kinds of critters are found wandering around Daytona Beach properties. And so whenever you need Daytona Beach animal removal services, know that there’s a company ready to help you out. 

Animal Wildlife Trappers has years of valuable experience trapping and removing wildlife of all kinds. Our team of highly trained and fully equipped crew will assist you within a timely manner. Just give us a call so we can have an expert come to your location. 

Because of the lovely weather in Daytona Beach almost all year round, there are many wild animals found lurking in private properties such as residential and commercial sites. We’ve seen households with raccoon and squirrel problems and places of businesses having to deal with bats or rats. 

We highly recommend calling licensed professionals any time you need to remove an animal in Daytona Beach because these critters can be very dangerous. Harmless as they may seem sometimes, it’s not impossible for them to attack you if they feel threatened. To prevent such accidents and injury, call the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers for assistance. 

Rat Removal in Daytona Beach, FL

Rat Removal Daytona BeachThere are so many rats and mice on the planet that it is impossible to quantify their exact population. But it is said that there could actually be billions of rats in the entire world. Whenever you suspect a rat, even if there’s just one or two of them, in your property, make sure you call Animal Wildlife Trappers right away. They reproduce very quickly and allowing them to stay in your home for a couple of months or so can lead to a serious rat infestation that will be more difficult and expensive to solve. 

Our crew has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to carry out your Daytona Beach rat removal needs. For many years now, we have removed countless rats and mice in Florida homes and also helped homeowners with attic sanitation and pest damage repair.

Daytona Beach Raccoon Removal Professionals

Daytona Beach Raccoon RemovalAnother in-demand service, Daytona Beach raccoon removal is a specialty of Animal Wildlife Trappers. Our goal is to humanely remove these critters and find out how they managed to come into your property. If necessary, we will offer to seal entry points. Raccoons are potential rabies carriers and while they’d most likely run and hide when you shoo them away, and though it is rare, it isn’t impossible for them to attack you. So stay away from these raccoons and when they’re persistent, call us so we can trap and relocate them somewhere safe and far from your property. 

Animal Removal Experts in Daytona Beach, FL

For animal removal Daytona Beach services, call Animal Wildlife Trappers. We are here to assist you no matter how simple or difficult the critter removal job may be. Squirrel removal, armadillo removal, bat removal, and so many more are all available. We also have dead animal removal services. Call us at 352-267-0546 to schedule an appointment and to get a free estimate.