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Animal Wildlife Trappers performs wildlife removal, animal removal, and animal exclusion.

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St. Cloud, FL

St. Cloud Animal RemovalFor your St. Cloud animal removal needs, you need to get in touch with licensed experts. At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we have a team of wildlife removal pros that were extensively trained to handle all kinds of critters, large or small. We service both residential and commercial properties in St. Cloud, Florida. Just give us a call and we will help you out! 

Among the most common critter issues St. Cloud property owners call us about are rats, bats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, opossums, and more. Please know that removing an animal on your own or through DIY methods can be very risky to both you and the animal. Our team is fully equipped and trained in animal removal so that you can get rid of the critters on your property safely and promptly. 

Rat Removal in St. Cloud, FL

Rats are among the usual animal pests you will find just about anywhere in the world. They reproduce very quickly so even if you only have a couple of rats hiding in your property, a serious rat infestation can happen within months. And so we highly recommend calling an animal removal contractor such as the Animal Wildlife Trappers anytime you suspect a rat’s presence in your property. Our St. Cloud rat removal services are done by efficient crew to ensure that the job is done effectively.

Raccoon Removal in St. Cloud, FL

Raccoon Removal St. CloudAlso a common problem among St. Cloud residents are raccoons coming into their property. Raccoons are potential rabies carriers. Even if they seem harmless, they can still be very dangerous to you and your family. Do not attempt to pet, feed, or capture a raccoon. They can attack you when they feel threatened. Signs of a raccoon in your property include droppings and urine left behind, messed up garbage cans, or stressed out pets. Raccoon removal St. Cloud is one of the top services offered by the experts at Animal Wildlife Trappers. 

Get a Free Quote for St. Cloud Animal Removal Services

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we take pride in the topnotch quality of service that we provide to our clients. We receive calls from many St. Cloud property owners frequently for animal removal services. In every job, we aim to provide exceptional services to ensure that an animal is removed effectively, safely, and efficiently. 

The services we provide include snake removal, squirrel removal, bat removal, and many more. Sometimes, you may suspect an animal in your property but you’re not sure where they are hiding. At times, you might not even know what kind of critter has found shelter in your property. Worry not because our team can also provide you with free animal intrusion inspection so we can check on your property and give you our recommendations. 

For St. Cloud animal removal, we are here to help. Call Animal Wildlife Trappers at 352-267-0546 to schedule an appointment. We also provide free estimates!