About Us

Animal RemovalAnimal Wildlife Trappers is a highly experienced animal removal company. We have decades of experience in every type of animal removal, to included rat removal, mice removal, raccoon removal, squirrel removal, and more. We offer permanent solutions to your animal intrusion problem.

We provide residential and commercial animal removal and critter removal in Tampa, Orlando, and areas throughout Central Florida. Our team is highly experienced, and has a strong focus on customer service and lasting solutions. There is no animal problem that we haven’t encountered, and probably 100 times over or more. So we have vast experience in animal removal, as well as animal exclusion so you don’t have the same critters coming back again and again.

Free Home Inspections

We know that many homeowners are usually shocked and dismayed when they first sense an animal intrusion problem. They likely have little or no experience in dealing with an animal taking up free rent in their attic or wall space. For this reason, we offer free inspections at your residential or commercial property. We will quickly assess the problem, and offer experienced guidance on how to properly deal with the problem. Our objective is to always offer long-term solutions, and as such we have one of the best warranties in the market.

Living in the Sunshine State comes with many perks. We enjoy sunny days most of the year and many of us stay in touch with the beauty of nature. However, because of the lovely weather we have all year round, many wild animals live and remain in our state. This is actually a wonderful thing, except when these critters begin to wander into our property and create damage. Thankfully, Animal Wildlife Trappers is here to help!

We have a team of highly skilled and extensively trained staff who are ready to assist you anytime you need us. Over the years, we have successfully removed and cleaned up homes, offices, commercial buildings, apartments, public spaces, and other commercial areas from wild animals and a variety of critters.

Humane Animal Removal Services

Squirrel RemovalOur primary goal is to capture and remove critters of all kinds safely, properly, and humanely. When classified as a wild animal, a critter can be very dangerous and risky to handle. Despite the danger and despite the risk, humane treatment of these animals is always a primary focus for our team.

Many wild animals may bite, attack, become aggressive, and even spread deadly diseases. Without proper experience and the right tools, you may find yourself injured when you try to remove these critters on your own.

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, our team is trained to capture and remove wild animals of all kinds. Among the many animal removal services we offer are the following:

Expert Services from Animal Wildlife Trappers

We are called primarily for animal and wildlife removal, but we offer more than just that. We aim to be a reliable go-to company to our clients for their animal and wildlife-related needs. Florida is home to hundreds and even thousands of wild animals that can get into your property at any given time. Because we want to be there for our customers every time you need us, we offer 24/7 emergency calls for animal removal assistance. We understand how these critters may come to your property after hours and waiting for the next working day could be very stressful and inconvenient for you.

The best way to avoid critters completely is by taking proper preventive measures. The Animal Wildlife Trappers team offers animal entry proofing services that include sealing possible entry points. We will help track what could attract critters to your property and find ways to keep them out.

Since many critters take shelter in attics – bats, raccoons, squirrels, and rats just to name a few – we understand how filthy an attic can get after these animals have been removed. Urine and droppings left behind by these critters may cause extremely bad odors in the attic and throughout the house, and worse, these may still contain deadly germs and bacteria. In cases like these, our team can help you with a thorough attic cleanup, decontamination, and sanitation service.

When critters like rats, squirrels, and raccoons damage your property – chewed up wires, roof vents, pipe stacks, AC covers, screens, and more – our team can help with animal damage repair services too.

Animal Wildlife Trappers is your one-stop shop for all wildlife problems and animal removal needs. We can guarantee excellent workmanship, a friendly and professional team, and timely service all at very reasonable rates. Just call us at 813-734-7080 for a free quote!