Possum Removal

Possum Removal BrandonPossums or opossums as many of us know them is a common critter found in the Florida state. While others might find them adorable especially when they’re not about to attack, others fear these critters. We can’t blame them because they do look like huge rats. You can call it an advantage that they made the saying “playing possum” popular – opossums play dead as a form of self-defense. This is a good thing when you’re worried they might attack you since you can just leave them alone. It’s a bad thing when you think you no longer need to worry about them when they’re actually still alive. When you see a possum on your property, call Animal Wildlife Trappers right away for possum removal services.

It is highly recommended for you to work with experts because this task is very risky. Unlike other wild animals, possums do not build their own homes. They simply look for a nice and comfy place to stay. By comfy – they would settle for abandoned sheds, cars, buildings, and other areas rarely frequented by humans. In Florida, opossums can survive in the wild although some might find their way into residential and commercial areas. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to remove a possum, call for professional assistance immediately.

Possums in Residential Areas

Brandon Possum RemovalAs mentioned earlier, possums are made to survive in the wild. They’re omnivores and their food primarily consists of small rodents, snails, worms, insects, slugs, birds, and frogs. They also eat berries, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. When available, they’d settle for bird seed, pet food, and even garbage. By looking at the food sources of possums, it is evident that when food gets scarce in the wild, they’d wander into residential properties to satisfy their hunger. They can easily damage your garden or vegetable plot if you have one. They will also steal your pet’s food if they could.

When removing possums is not yet a concern, you must then work on preventing them from coming to your property. Opossums, along with other wild animals, are attracted to properties that have a lot of food sources available to them. Clean up after your pets are done with their meal, keep garbage cans covered tightly, and don’t leave other possible food items laying around.

Generally speaking, possums aren’t dangerous. They can attack or bite humans and house pets when they feel threatened. Thankfully, possums are rarely rabies carriers. When you do try to capture them on your own, they will feel threatened and that’s when an attack can begin.

Possum Removal Services in Brandon, FL

If you have seen an opossum lurking around your property, it’s time to call the experts. Animal Wildlife Trappers is a top animal contractor based in Tampa, Brandon, and surrounding areas. For professional Brandon possum removal services, we are the company to call. We have a team of experts who are extensively trained and properly equipped to safely and humanely carry out any animal removal job no matter how big or small. You may reach us at 813-734-7080 to schedule an appointment and to get a free estimate!