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Animal Wildlife Trappers performs wildlife removal, animal removal, and animal exclusion.

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The Villages, FL

The Villages Animal RemovalFor many years now, our company has been the go-to The Villages animal removal service contractor. Animal Wildlife Trappers offers professional wildlife removal services in The Villages and Lady Lake areas. Our services are available to both residential and commercial properties. 

Why are we considered a top animal removal company in The Villages, Lady Lake, and the surrounding Florida communities? It’s because we use humane and proven wildlife removal methods that are both safe and effective. We also realize that proper animal removal is a two-step method. The first step is to identify, find, and humanely removal an animal from a property and the second is to take steps that will prevent that type of animal from being able to regain entry into a home. All of our critter removal services are also always done in a safe, efficient, and budget-friendly way. 

Animal Removal and Wildlife Prevention in The Villages, FL

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we realize that it does not do much good to remove an animal from your home or business only to have that animal or others like it gain access to it again. That’s why part of any animal removal inspection that we do seeks to find out how your nuisance wildlife gained access to your home. Once the wildlife has been humanely removed, we will then take steps to secure your home or business from animal re-entry. This includes the repairing of any holes in your home’s structure that animals made to gain entry and adding roof soffit and ridge vent guards which will help secure these easy wildlife entry points. 

We have a vast amount of experience at removing and keeping out such indigenous Florida animals as:

At Animal Wildlife Trappers, we will even come to your home or business to remove dead animals that are starting to create bad odors or risk making your home unhealthy. 

Raccoon Removal in The Villages and Lady Lake, FL

The Villages Raccoon RemovalRaccoons may seem adorable and harmless most of the time especially since they simply run away when you shoo them. But some of them successfully hide and make human residences their shelter too. Many times, they would cause stress to pets, mess up the trash cans at night, or even steal food. Worse is that raccoons are potentially rabid. So anytime you suspect a raccoon lurking around your property, call us right away. Aside from our numerous animal removal services, we also offer raccoon removal in The Villages and Lady Lake areas. 

One of the biggest problems that occur when animals encroach upon any home is the amount of damage that they can do. Gnawing, chewing, nest building, and other animal activity in a home or attic can cause extensive amounts of damage to structures and stored items. Worst of all is the threat of disease and insect infestation that any animal living in your home brings with it. By removing an unwanted critter such as a raccoon and cleaning up after them, we can eliminate these extra headaches and unhealthy situations that go along with wildlife living in your home. 

Free Home Inspections/Guaranteed Animal Exclusion

All of our Lady Lake and The Villages animal removal solutions are not only time-tested to be impactful but they are also guaranteed. Once you call us for critter removal help, we will come to your home and do a thorough inspection to find out what nuisance animal is causing problems for you and how best to humanely remove them. This initial animal inspection and consultation is completely free of charge. Once those critters have been removed from your premises and we have taken steps to help keep them from coming back, we will give you a guaranteed animal exclusion for the type of wildlife that we removed.  

So call Animal Wildlife Trappers as soon as possible at 352-267-0546 if you notice scratching sounds coming from wall and attic spaces, signs of visible animal entry, or detect foul smells of unknown origin around your home or business. We offer free estimates for our wildlife removal services in The Villages and Lady Lake!