Raccoon Prevention Tips

Raccoon Prevention in Brandon, FLFlorida homeowners know very well how raccoons could be such nuisance critters. Although they seem harmless, not to mention how raccoons are not known to attack humans unless they feel threatened, they simply do not belong to residential and commercial communities. As a property owner, you can do something about these raccoons to keep them from coming back and making a mess in your garden, home or office. Check out some of these raccoon prevention tips.

Clean Up Your Surroundings

Making sure your property is clean and in order at all times does not give you a 100% guarantee that there won’t be raccoons and other critters around. However, leaving your home or office dirty will certainly attract wildlife. The first step to raccoon prevention is by cleaning up your surroundings.

Don’t Leave Food Uncovered

Raccoons are nocturnal but if they get hungry during the day, there’s a chance for them to be lurking around your property looking for leftovers sitting by an open window or pet food lying around. Either you clean up and keep all food items that attract critters or just cover them well to keep these raccoons from stealing your food.

Garbage Cans Should Be Covered Tightly

These critters love rummaging through garbage to look for food. Even if you placed a cover on top of your garbage cans, the scent of a tasty dinner can attract raccoons. To prevent them from knocking down these garbage cans, use double garbage bags and tie them tightly to keep the scent of garbage within the can. Use rocks or other heavy items to weigh down the garbage can cover when you need to leave it out overnight.

Check Possible Entry Points

It’s understandable how it could get challenging to keep raccoons from entering your property, but it’s easier to keep them out of your home. Make sure all doors are closed and there are no holes or broken windows they can use to find their way in.

Professional Raccoon Removal in Brandon, FL

The raccoon prevention tips above can help Whether you’re looking for entry point sealing service, raccoon removal service or any other animal and wildlife removal service in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, and nearby areas, we are ready to help! We have a team of extensively trained and well-equipped crew who can get any animal removal job done for you. Call 813-734-7080 to get a free quote!

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