Animal Intrusion Inspection

Animal Intrusion Inspection BrandonAt times, we don’t actually see critters around our property but we suspect their presence. It could be noises we hear every once in a while especially at night or unexplainable messed up garbage cans in the morning. There are also times when we see our pets seemingly stressed about something they may have encountered around your house. In this case, you might need to call for animal intrusion inspection assistance.

Expert eyes, particularly of experienced animal removal contractors, will know if there was or is an animal on your property. They will look for signs of their presence such as droppings and waste, chewed up wires, even tiny pawprints, and more.

During an animal intrusion inspection, the contractor will attempt to identify the possible entry points of the wild animal. Finding these out is very critical as this is the best way to keep them out in the future. When there are damaged parts of the structure of your home, holes or cracks where they could have passed through, then these should be repaired or sealed as soon as possible.

Of course, it’s likely that the animal could actually be hiding in your property. During this process, it may be determined as well. For instance, once those damages are repaired, the areas where the animal can enter or exit can already be excluded. When this happens, the animal is then trapped and would have no choice but to get out. This is one of the most effective ways for animal removal.

If you simply suspect a wild animal on your property but cannot be sure, contact Animal Wildlife Trappers. Inspections are free but you may ask our staff to help you out with your animal removal needs at a very reasonable price too. You may also request for animal damage repair and entry point sealing services. We service Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, and nearby areas. Call 813-734-7080 to schedule an appointment for your free animal intrusion inspection and to request a free quote.

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