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Tampa, FL

Tampa is a beautiful city in Hillsborough County known for its variety of tourist attractions and lovely weather. Many say that it’s the best city to live in if you’re moving to Florida! No wonder even critters of all kinds go to Tampa – and yes, they can invade and damage your home if you fail to stop and capture them. If you’re looking for a Tampa animal removal contractor, Animal Wildlife Trappers is the company to call!

Because it’s mostly warm in this Florida city, wildlife can be found in many parts of Tampa. The most common critters our customers call us for are rats, mice, raccoons, possums, bats, snakes, and squirrels among many others. Our team of animal removal Tampa experts can help humanely capture and remove these critters from your property in a timely manner.

Rat Removal in Tampa

Rat Removal TampaSure, there are many DIY traps and ready-made ones you can buy to catch rats in your property. But once they’re caught, what do you plan to do with them? In many cases, these traps don’t even work because rats are very smart creatures. For effective and humane Tampa rat removal, the Animal Wildlife Trappers team is here to help.

We ensure that possible entry points are checked, and when necessary, we can help seal them up for you. We try to find where rats are hiding in your property and what attracted them there. When we offer rat removal Tampa services, we also give you expert advice to prevent these critters from coming back.

Tampa Mice Removal Services

Because of their tiny bodies, mice are a little more challenging to catch compared to rats. We are often called for mice removal Tampa services by homeowners because these critters multiply fast and can easily invade homes. Not only do they steal food and damage property, but mice also bring viruses and deadly germs with them. When you see that there’s a sign of them on your property, call for mice removal services in Tampa right away.

Especially when mice lived in your attic for a while, they can leave urine and droppings behind. By experience, we’ve seen many of them leave insulation filthy too. This could be very unhealthy for your family. When you call for mice removal in Tampa, we can also help you with attic cleanup, sanitation, and decontamination as well.

Dependable Animal Removal Service in Tampa, FL

Tampa Animal RemovalWe humanely capture and remove animals of all kinds. Our work is not limited to just rat or mice removal. We also offer raccoon removal in Tampa, squirrel removal in Tampa, snake removal in Tampa, bat removal in Tampa, and many more. Our goal is to be there for our clients no matter what their animal removal in Tampa needs are. We arrive in a timely manner and we make sure that we clean as we go. We also give you expert advice on critter prevention in Tampa.

Anytime you need wildlife removal service in Tampa, Florida, Animal Wildlife Trappers is here to help you out. We also provide services in surrounding cities across Hillsborough County. Just give us a call at 813-734-7080 for a free quote!