How to Remove Squirrels from Attic

how to remove squirrels from attic tampaAdorable and harmless as they may seem, many homeowners understand the dangers of having squirrels in and around their property especially when these rodents find their way indoors. Many may wonder how to remove squirrels from attic since the process isn’t as simple as just shooing them away. If you have a squirrel problem, then it is always most ideal to call professional assistance right away. 

Unlike many other critters like raccoons or bats that are known to infest homes, squirrels are not nocturnal. They are very active during the day and so a lot of people do not really find their presence threatening. They’re not as feared as their rodent cousins, rats and mice. However, they’re just as dangerous when they get inside your home. And when they decide to make your attic their home, you can expect quite a bit of damage. 

The most common squirrel species in Florida is the eastern gray squirrel, which grows up to 20 inches long. There’s also the fox squirrel and the southern flying squirrel. The eastern gray would prefer living in woodland and spend most of their time nested in trees. However, due to the lack of safe shelter for them, it is not uncommon to find some of them finding shelter in homes and buildings. 

How to Remove Squirrels from Attic in Your Tampa Home

When you want to learn how to remove squirrels from attic, you must first understand that as damaging as they are, it is best not to use traps or poison that could end up hurting or killing them. This is why humane animal removal is absolutely necessary. Cornering them by way of exclusion – sealing all possible entry and exit points – they can then be captured. And while they do not harm humans, it is not impossible for them to do so when they feel threatened. 

So anytime you need squirrel removal service in Tampa and nearby areas including Brandon and Clearwater, make sure that you call the Animal Wildlife Trappers. We have a team of professional and licensed animal removal experts who can humanely remove the squirrel from your attic or elsewhere in your property. Call us immediately whenever you suspect a critter’s presence to ensure that they won’t cause any further damage or safety risk in your home. You may reach us at 813-734-7080 for a free estimate. 

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