How to Remove Mouse from House: Tips to Consider

How to Remove Mouse from House TampaSome of the most common critters found in homes are mice. It’s challenging and sometimes difficult to get rid of them completely even with different kinds of mouse traps. Perhaps if you’re thinking of ways of how to remove mouse from house, your best bet would be to hire a professional contractor.

Truth be told, many homeowners would try DIY methods first before calling a mouse removal contractor. Understandable, getting professional assistance costs a little more compared to traps you can buy from stores. 

Learn more about how to remove mouse from house by checking out these tips below:

  1. Clean your home regularly – Many of us live busy lifestyles as we balance time between family and work. One of the things we must prioritize though is keeping our surroundings clean. Just make sure no leftovers or trash are kept out that would attract critters including mise over to your house. 
  2. Seal possible entry points – Mice wouldn’t be able to enter your home easily if there are no entry points. These could be holes or cracks on walls, open pipes or vents, damaged window screens, etc. Make sure these are all sealed properly to prevent these critters from coming in. 
  3. Try using mouse traps – Especially if you’re dealing with just a couple of mice running around your attic, it’s easier to capture them using mouse traps like sticky glue or those tiny mouse cages.
  4. Let your pets do the job – Unlike in movies and cartoons, your cat probably won’t eat mice he finds in your home. However, both cats and dogs are very capable of scaring these tiny pests away. 
  5. Call animal removal pros – As mentioned earlier, your best bet in removing a mouse from your house is by calling for professional assistance. 

For reliable mice removal services in Brandon, Tampa, Clearwater, and surrounding communities, call Animal Wildlife Trappers today. You may reach us at 813-734-7080 for a free estimate. 

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