How Dangerous Are Raccoons?

how dangerous are raccoons brandonRaccoons are sometimes adorable yet fierce-looking mammals that are commonly found across Florida and the rest of the United States. Because raccoon sightings are so frequent, humans have grown fond of them and many no longer have any fear of these critters. In fact, a lot of people now have no idea how dangerous are raccoons.

These critters may seem very cute at times. Some of them would give you that pitiful look when they are accidentally seen doing their thing. This creates an often incorrect impression that raccoons are absolutely harmless and safe to have around.

It is very important to understand that raccoons are not as harmless as they may seem. Many times we’ve heard true stories of these furry mammals attacking humans unexpectedly. Because they sometimes seem like they’re kind creatures, some people would attempt to pet them. A raccoon is not meant to be with humans and so they would feel threatened even if you were just trying to be nice. Many more times, attacks may happen when non-professionals attempt to capture these raccoons.

Raccoons rarely attack humans intentionally. They only do so when they feel threatened. Mother raccoons are also protective of their young so they can get extra aggressive. And when they do, it can get dangerous really quick. For one, raccoons are potential carriers of the rabies virus. If they bite or scratch you, you have to seek medical attention right away. They also carry with them many other germs and harmful bacteria as these critters often rummage through garbage and other dirty places.

So if you’re still asking how dangerous are raccoons – we’d say they are harmless if you leave them alone but very dangerous if you attempt to capture them on your own. Anytime you need raccoon removal Brandon service, do not hesitate to call us. Animal Wildlife Trappers is also available in Clearwater, Tampa, and nearby areas. You may reach us at 813-734-7080 to get a free quote.

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